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2023世界杯专家技术点评系列一Anne Gleave

2023-11-13 15:40:02


Open Amateur Standard Final 

Anne Gleave

冠军 -(71号) 
Marco Sirocchi & Dora Kilin


Unique, outstandingly stylish and fascinating. These are just a few of the words I would use to describe Marco and Dora’s dancing.

They have a refreshingly artistic portrayal of the ballroom dances and a big part of this comes from their cleverly constructed choreography.  Dora and Marco engender a feeling of watching the dance qualities of the past with a modern twist and I like it!  In the past, their choreography has often dominated their performance, however the developing richness of their dance qualities, such as weight over foot and general balance means they have progressed to another level. Congratulations! 

亚军 -(2234号)
Oleksandr Bezkrovnyi & Mariia Savchuk



A couple with immense talent and at times magnificent weight shift and timing, particularly in Slow Foxtrot and Viennese waltz. In the first round of the competition they danced a most brilliant quickstep – showing the purity of swing in fundamental figures with one of the most spectacular examples of weight shift in the world. This should be the template for your future development of all swing dances.  

On another note I’m sure you love your dancing, but we all need to see that you do! 

季军 -(78号)
Dmytro Lishchuk & Yelyzaveta Perepelysia 


Energetic and youthful with lots of talent. I am looking forward to witnessing tonal changes in the arms and upper body so the weight can work more effectively and bring some artistic timing and warmth to their performance.  

Well done so far on achieving such high level qualities of dance at such a young age.

第4名 -(76号)
Pawel Kostrzewa & Martyna Kostrzewa


If the immense power and quantity of Pawel’s movement could be balanced with greater timing qualities and awareness of inside and outside of turn he would be an even better partner to Martyna and they would probably be champions by now! Their tango was stunningly good! 

第5名 -(77号)
Stepan Poddeuv & Maria Ermolaeva


Performers that you simply cannot miss on the floor. My analysis of these great competitors is more Quality to your already enormous quantity of movement!  Timing is a good place to start!

第6名 -(79号)
William Wang王琨 & Ivy Xu徐菀


This is a good example of slow and steady wins the race. Everything is in proportion and actually on this occasion they danced very well and have improved considerably in the last few years. I do however get the impression you are always holding back even in the last few bars of quickstep! So therefore unlike the other couples in the final, you need more quantity to balance your quality!  


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